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  • eDENARO is the first cyprian operator in e-Commerce. We are a Italy company, which has chosen to work all over the world, because our country has great potential and is the most beautiful in the world. We sell millions of products every year, the convenience of buying online, even via smartphone, and the freedom to choose from many different delivery and payment options. Our mission is to serve the technological evolution of families and citizens' homes.
  • Inventory qualification
  • Transparency and brand safety
  • Cutting edge technology

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Competence in optimization

eDENARO has a catalog of over 1 million different products, thousands of special offers, with great expertise and experience in the sale of high-tech products and appliances.

We follow our customers from the choice, to purchase to installation at home, offering our customers an integrated e-Commerce service platform.


eDENARO is the official sponsor of the famous TORPEDO KUTAISI FOOTBALL CLUB
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