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CF98 1.3 inch Full Circle Full Touch Smart Sport Watch IP67 Waterproof, Support Real-time Heart Rate Monitoring / Sleep Monit

Reference: MPH1266B

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1. Screen size: 1.3 inches
2. Resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
3. Touch: a single touch on the screen
4. Bluetooth: 4.0
5. Operating system: support Android version 4.0 or above, support Apple ios version 7.0 or above
6. Multiple sports modes: 8 sports modes: walking, running, swimming, badminton, football, etc.
7. Call alerts/SMS alerts: Android and IOS push calls and SMS contents
8. Other information push: SMS WeChat, QQ, Twitter, Facebook and other 10 push
9. WeChat sports: join the WeChat sports list (you can customize the WeChat public account)
10. Supports pedometer/Trajectory Map/Sleep Monitoring/Sitting Reminder/Calorie Calorie Computing/Stopwatch/Low Volume Reminder/Hand Lighting Screen/Ultra Low Power Consumption/Heart Rate/Blood Pressure/Vibration/Motion Mode/Remote photography/music control/intelligent alarm/weather forecast/dynamic heart rate/high-definition large screen/Multi-dial switching.
11. Multiple languages
Hardware language: Chinese/English/Korean/German/Spanish/Japanese/French/Italian/Russian/ /Portuguese/Arabic
APP language: Chinese/English/Korean/German/Spanish/Japanese/French/Italian/Russian/Portuguese/Arabic

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