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S18, 2GB+16GB, Network: 3G, Face ID & Fingerprint Identification, 6.1 inch Screen Android 5.1 MTK6580 Quad Core (Blue)

Reference: MPH4150L

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1. MTK6580 quad core processor, good performance, combined with 2GB+16GB memory, fast run and smoothly operate.
2. 6.1 inch 960 x 480 pixel QHD+ LCD full screen, small body, wide field of vision.
3. 2.0MP front camera, 5MP rear cameras, take high clear picture.
4. Support smart wake, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, support WIFI + BT + FM + GPS, Micro USB interface, 3.5mm standard headphone interface.
5. Powered by 2000mAh high capacity battery, long time to standby and use.

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