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Original Xiaomi XMWT01 1.78 inch Screen Smart Bracelet, Pride Version, Support Blood Oxygenation Test / Sleep Monitor / Heart

Reference: CA5194B

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1. Dial: Corning Gorilla 3rd Generation Glass
2. Frame: aluminum alloy
3. Wristband: Waste rubber
4. Memory and capacity: 1GB + 8GB
5. Waterproof rating: swimming waterproof
6. Bluetooth version: 4.2
7. Battery capacity: 570mAh
8. Life time: 36 hours
9. Charging mode: magnetic charging
10. Function: blood oxygen detection, sleep monitoring, heart rate detection, exercise mode, sedentary reminder, etc.
11. Thickness: 12.28mm
12. Weight: about 44g (without strap)

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