Waveshare WIFI-LPT100-B, Low Cost WiFi Module

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WIFI-LPT100-B is a low cost UART WiFi module, nearly half size of the thumb, requires ultra low power consumption to keep working. It is an ideal choice for low flow communication situation.

1. Easy to use: just like a simple UART module (AT commands provided)
2. Ultra low power: min 32mA@3.3V online power consumption in various low-power modes
3. Small form factor: size of a coin

Functionality & Performance
1. Solution: MTK single stream WiFi@2.4GHz, ARM Cortex-M3
2. Wireless LAN protocols: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
3. WIFI security algorithms: WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
4. Working modes: STA/AP/STA+AP (AP means WiFi hotspot, STA means terminal device)
- AP mode: Up to 3 devices
- STA mode: Server allows 5 connections
- AP+STA mode: AP allows 3 clients
5. Multi network protocols: TCP/UDP/HTTP
6. Support DHCP, to allocate IP automatically
7. Support AT+ instructions set and Web configuration
8. Support Transparent/Agreement transmission modes, with 1K cache
9. Support configuring UART framing delay and data volume
10. Up to 460800bps baudrate
11. Support Simple Config/Airkiss fast networking
12. Firmware is upgradable via web
13. Support NTP datetime configuration
14. Support UART heartbeat packet
15. Signal can pass through one wall
16. Communication distance: 200 metres with 3DB antenna (between two modules under open and wide environment)
17. Support factory reset: pull-down the Reload IO port for 3s, restore the module to its factory settings immediately

1. Test software for WINDOWS, iOS, Android
2. Communication example source code for iOS, Android
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