For iPhone 11 Pro Max TPU+PU Integrated Voltage Magnetic Card Holder Retro Leather Case(Brown)

Reference: SYA00590901E

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1. High-quality TPU+PU material, the skin texture is delicate and soft.
2. The edge has a magnetic function, which automatically prevents the cocking and is easy to use.
3. Four-corner all-inclusive design, the inner fiber material fits the more protective screen, effectively playing the anti-shock and anti-shock function.
4. The bracket function releases the hands, making it easy to light and shadow.
5. The leather case adopts a one-piece forming voltage process, which has fine workmanship, beautiful appearance, and more explosion-proof and tearing.
6. The earpiece is designed with dust-proof holes for clear conversation and no dust.
7. The hole is accurate, no need to remove the shell and use the button and port normally.
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Carton Weight 30.00kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 90cm * 57cm * 14cm / 35.43inch * 22.44inch * 5.51inch
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