For iPhone 11 Pro Max TGVIS Ultimate Series Multi-coloured Block Shockproof Protective Case(White)

Reference: EDA00280903D

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1. Multi-colored blocks, free assembly, inspiration design
2. Ultra-transparent HD, restore colors, ultra-thin design, wireless charging with case
3. Specially designed grid shock-absorbing structure inside, can easily and quickly decompose pressure when encountering impact
4. Once the phone is installed, you don't have to remove it because it is very thin and light.
5. Anti-fall frame, it can fully protect the device from normal scratches, dirt, tears and abrasion.
Compatible with
Apple:  iPhone 11 Pro Max
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One Package Weight 0.06kgs / 0.13lb
Qty per Carton 200
Carton Weight 12.20kgs / 26.90lb
Carton Size 42cm * 35cm * 38cm / 16.54inch * 13.78inch * 14.96inch
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