Dynam DY8925BNP Hawksky V2 1370mm Glider Aircraft Beginner Plane Model Airplane, Include 2.4GHz Receiver with 6-Axis Gyro, BNP

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1. The model has been given a facelift with a stronger construction that not only makes it more crash resistant, but also looks better. The body is more streamlined and the old black painted cabin has been replaced with a clear version complete with scale pilot. Like the old Hawksky this plane is aimed at beginners to intermediates. The rear facing prop design makes it more forgiving in a crash and the glider style makes it easier to fly, but the brushless setup gives lots of power and its a full 4ch model capable of performing aerobatic flight so when youre ready for the next step, so is the plane.
2. The Dynam HawkSky V2 is constructed from durable but light weight EPO foam. It only requires a small amount of assembly then it is ready-to-fly within minutes. The power comes from a KV1900 brushless motor which will get you in the airwith little effort. It features an impressive 1370mm wing span, brushless 30A ESC, brushless motor, equating in a fantastic combination of power and control.

1. Made of premium EPO and PP materials which features high flexibility and excellent recovery.
2. With brushless BM2810A-KV1900 powerful motor, it will give you a rapid flying experience.
3. A pilot is in the rc glider which makes it fly in real.
4. Continually enjoy the flying powered by rechargeable 11.1V 2200mAh 25C li-po battery (not included).
5. Durable, lightweight construction helps prevent damage in case of a crash.
6. An ideal gift for your children or racing glider lovers.
7. This is the BNP (Bind and play) version, PNP version add receiver, not included the transmitter, battery and charger.

1. Wingspan: 1370mm
2. Length: 950mm
3. Wing area: 24.7dm2
4. Wing loding: 31.2g/dm2
5. ESC: 30A
6. Motor: BM2810mm KV1900
7. Servos: 9g*4pcs
8. Flying weight: 770g
9. Function: 4 channel - Ailerons, Elevators, Motor, Rudder

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